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We are proud of our farm, our heritage and family grown apples for our ciders!


The farm was started by Joe and Dini VanderMarel through hard work and dedication. Joe came to Canada in 1950 and Dini in 1952 from the Netherlands. They met in Toronto and married in 1957. They started small, with rented apple orchards around Clarkson, Ontario and were soon growing some of the best fruit around town. In 1968, they bought the farm in Carlisle, originally started in 1904, where they built their family home and raised four kids that have all worked on the farm.

Operating as one of Ontario's most renown apple farms and packers, this third generation has looked to expand its offering, while never losing sight of quality, integrity, and community.


Modernizing a legacy for generations to come

Building a legacy through the generations means we have to adapt to the changing world and stay current with what our customers want. 


Our new team was born with like-minded and quality focused family friends and neighbours. Coming from farming, business, art, and technical backgrounds, we  have worked hard to modernize our 40-acre apple orchard with a shift from all wholesale fresh markets to the addition of farmgate apple sales and our new Hard Dry Cider.


We are so very proud of our progress thus far and hope that our new offerings will ensure many more generations of farming heritage to come. 

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