Our town is simple, it's quaint, and it's community; and that's precisely what we wanted to create with our brand of hard cider. The Carlisle Cider Co. pays homage to the farming roots of its namesake, dating back to the late 1800's. We're determined to offer creative varieties, while keeping our line of products narrow enough to never spread our love too thin.


Each of our ciders was inspired by a special place from our little town. Discover their namesake by locating them on the map above and learning the history of each.


Tally Ho Valley

Historically known as the Twelve Mile Creek, this waterway stemmed from the Beverly Swamp and headed south to Lake Ontario. Passing throughout our small town, and contributing to our extensive farming heritage, the creek had a picturesque exit of Carlisle through the valley where our orchards back on to. A common after school hangout, popular date spot, and the perfect place to cool off from the summer heat, the Tally Ho Valley was Carlisle’s token getaway for everyone to enjoy its beauty.

Our intent was to reminisce on a mid-summer’s afternoon – the youthful nostalgia of feeling carefree while running into the cool breeze towards the creek within the valley. Like a deep breath of the countryside’s fresh air Tally Ho Valley is aromatic, filling the nose with tree-ripened apple and lemon blossoms, balanced and exceptionally dry. The first sip bringing the flavor of crisp green apple and fresh grapefruit zest. Enjoy cold and amongst loved ones.  


Chapel on the Twelve

Prior to 1839, our town relied on the Eaton Family Homestead to host its weekly service but as the flock grew, the need for space became ever apparent. A small church was built not far from the city’s centre that was said to be quaint and charming, as it backed onto the Twelve Mile Creek. While we’d love to visit, it burnt down many years ago and strangely no one seems to know its exact location – no record or photos have surfaced since. Its whereabouts can only be narrowed as close to its colloquial name by which it was known throughout the community; the Chapel on the Twelve.

Our intent was to personify the mystique of this lost place – its landscape, its gardens, its beauty. Tucked away off the beaten path a few miles up on loose gravel from the city’s centre lies this small church, amidst a colourful Eden that sparkles in the spring sunshine. The sweetness of blooming flowers reaching for the sun and welcoming the buzzing bees, Chapel on the Twelve is reminiscent of fresh spring in the orchard, as apple and white apricot blossoms fill your glass. Floral honey balance your palate as the cider finishes with a touch of sweetness. Enjoy cold and amongst loved ones.


Progreston Falls

While the rolling hills of Carlisle brought the landscape for effective farming, the waterway of the Twelve Mile Creek brought great opportunities for manufacturing to our little town. Historically known as one of the most prolific milling towns in Southern Ontario, Carlisle was home to a variety of mills; wool, grist, and lumber to name a few – and all due to its accessibility to power from the waterfalls that spawned from the creek.  Here, we celebrate not only the working hands of its residents, but the uprising of industry, through the backbone of Carlisle’s manufacturing capabilities; the Progreston Falls.

Our intent was to pay homage to the environment around the falls that brought our town so much opportunity. As the water smashes down on the wet rock, cool mist covers your face. Around you is the lush of majestic oak amidst the forest that surrounds the falls. Like the greenery that wakes with the morning, covered in dew, Progreston Falls is delicate, as sweet apple and fresh honeysuckle fill the glass. Flavours of ripe bosc pear and vanilla compliment this bright balanced cider. Enjoy cold and amongst loved ones.